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“Kat, thank you so much for the RTT hypnosis session yesterday !!! It was incredible !!!!!!! Absolutely mind blowing !!!! It was an extremely profound experience for me and I mean every single word!!!!!!! The experience has absolutely changed how I view every day. It has released me. I have no idea how I ended up there, but those beliefs had definitely passed their expiration date. Thank you so sincerely.”

– Babs Davies, Broome WA


“Kat, I came to you to look at my purpose in life, who am I, how to live truly from my heart, I was longing for new friends/ soul mates with whom I could share my life with.  With your special energy you have the talent to guide me to my heart, it connects me with my purpose. I feel supported, loved and that gives me a lot of confidence in continuing my path. You are truly involved. Your methods are amazing in combination with your voice.”

– Marjolein Bosch, The Netherlands


“Kat has been a true gift in my life. I love working with Kat as she truly empowers me to heal myself. She has imparted me with so much of her knowledge and tools so I am equipped to deal with situations and emotions as they arise on my own. She is truly a beautiful kind-hearted soul with a big heart filled with Compassion. Wanting to help people live better, healthier, happier lives. She has amazing intuition that is always so spot on in what she sees and does. If you want to transform your life, I couldn’t recommend enough that you work with Kat.”

– Jo McKinnes, Maleny, Qld, Australia

A Meijers

“I am immensely grateful that Kat helped me with RTT. I have never felt this good in my life! I feel happy, healthy, energetic, confident and most of all FREE!  Every day. Through RTT with Kat I have found myself, my energy, my health and my life! If you feel restricted in your life by emotional or physical pain, I strongly advise to not wait any longer and let Kat help you claim your freedom back! She is an amazing person!”

– A. Meijers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


“Six years ago a friend referred me to Katelijn. It was the first of many very special sessions. While I often don’t quite know what to ask her or what to work on, she always knows how to go straight to the core and from there give me direction in how to deal with the situations happening in my life. When symptoms of the beginning of a burnout appeared, I was put in a process through my work and the system and I realised it was very hard to find the right support and direction in this. After a session with Katelijn, she put me straight on the right path, with the right people and treatments and we regularly stay in contact about the progress. I feel so blessed and happy to have met Katelijn. Our personal sessions are incredibly valuable for me. I see them as a gift for myself in my personal and spiritual growth.”

– Annelies Rahakbauw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


“Over the last few months Kat has taken me on a journey of transformational change in her Inner Power Activator. My initial intention was to centre my energy, to feel calm and grounded, to stop worrying so much. Kat gave me so much more. Her exercises are so simple to do, but their impact is so deeply empowering. I catch myself checking my energy and calmly using my voice, speaking my truth from a place of love. No more making myself sick with worry or frustration. I feel a calm sense of purpose, I have remembered who I was, who I am and who I want to be. I can’t even begin to thank Kat enough for gently taking me in and reminding me that I had a voice, that I was worth it. I am so grateful to have shared this process with a group of strong, brave women just like me and I can’t wait to hear their stories and celebrate their achievements.  Thank you from the depths of my heart Kat!”

– Row, Qld, Australia


“Although I already put a great effort in working on my personal awareness and development Kat helped me to get in contact and interact with a new part of me in her Inner Power Activator program. The tools that she provides in her program are practical and super powerful. They gave me a new perspective on topics that I knew but now deal with in a different way. All the knowledge and experience that Kat gathered over the years is shared from the heart. It made me feel safe and seen. The result is a new shift in awareness and a plan that makes my heart smile every time I think about it. I look forward to keep working on it with confidence and to learn from every next step that is ahead of me.”

– Janneke Brouwers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands