One on One Mentoring

“My sessions with Kat over the last 6 months have made a tremendous difference to my life. I am able to sleep deeply, restful and relaxed again after many years of very stressful insomnia, I feel strong and clear in my energy and feel more and more powerful in my life. Abundance is finally really coming my way and my work has lifted to the next level! And I am so looking forward to the changes I feel already coming, since I now feel confident again to meet a supportive and loving man and be even more successful in my work and purpose on earth. I am so deeply grateful to your work, Kat. Thank you.”

– Kirana Haag Sydney NSW

“My sessions with Kat were in a stressful period in my life in which I suffered badly from anxiety. In our sessions Kat helped me to find and let go of unconscious (and sometimes surprising) blocks and beliefs originating from my childhood. Kat’s guidance has helped me a great deal. She is a loving, gentle and encouraging therapist who knows how to create a warm and safe atmosphere, to help you feel completely at ease. My sessions with her have been vital for my recovery and I now feel much more at peace with myself.”

– DB Daphne Bergbeek, The Netherlands

“Six years ago a friend referred me to Katelijn. It was the first of many very special sessions. While I often don’t quite know what to ask her or what to work on, she always knows how to go straight to the core and from there give me direction in how to deal with the situations happening in my life. When symptoms of the beginning of a burnout appeared, I was put in a process through my work and the system and I realised it was very hard to find the right support and direction in this. After a session with Katelijn, she put me straight on the right path, with the right people and treatments and we regularly stay in contact about the progress. I feel so blessed and happy to have met Katelijn. Our personal sessions are incredibly valuable for me. I see them as a gift for myself in my personal and spiritual growth.”

– Annelies Rahakbauw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“The first time I walked into Katelijn’s practice was in a time of crisis. I was super stressed, and desperate what to do. The first time I walked out of Katelijn’s practice (this was about two hours later), I felt calm and confident things would turn out just the way they were supposed to. And so they did. I have been back to Katelijn many times thereafter and she has helped me with many aspects of my life. Health wise, she has guided me in taking care of my body by advising on appropriate treatments, food and food supplements. Also she has helped to leave an unsuitable work environment and an unhealthy relationship. Katelijn uses alternative methods that enable her to communicate with mind, body and soul. Therefore, she is able to help me stay aligned with myself and my needs on these different levels. I check in with Katelijn on a regular basis.”

– Anath L. Israel

“There are moments in time when you connect with someone that can support you to make transformational changes in your life. Kat is one of these people. Over a two-year-period I learnt to connect with, listen to and trust my spiritual guidance. I let go of old patterns that where holding me back from realizing my life purpose. The tools and teachings Kat shared will stay with me for life. I would recommend her to anyone that is ready to let go of old patterns and connect with the spiritual elements of your being.”

– Ariadne Gorring, Broome, Australia

“Katelijn has helped me incredibly over the last years. With the techniques she uses, she guides you through your personal spiritual journey in a very relaxed and uncomplicated way. The starting point is that in your heart and soul you already know everything you need to know. What one has to learn is to reach and unveil all this knowledge, feelings and wisdom. With her loving, patient and open-minded guidance she has learned me an incredible amount of inspiring and valuable lessons.”

– Valerie Slooff, UK

“Katelijn is a talented healer and coach who has taught me to love and accept myself as I am, seeing sensitivity as a gift and handing me the tools to work with it. She has helped me to connect with healing energies, giving advice and practical exercises to help balance body and mind. Her readings are insightful and show any challenges that I might be facing. She gently pushes me in the right direction and shows that we all have the choice to feel happy, healthy and empowered her group meditations do just that and leave me re-energized, balanced and nurtured every time. Katelijn has a warm and generous personality and her sessions have made a world of positive difference to me.”

– Willleke Adriaanse, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Working with Katelijn has given me very much on different levels. It has broadened my spiritual experiences, because Katelijn works with different methods and knows how to combine these in to a very effective and pleasant therapy. Through only just one or two sessions I felt a lot of energy flowing back to me. I felt much more at ease and confident and happy to work on the issues that occurred in my life. Katelijn works professional and keeps good track on the things discussed and appeared in the last sessions. Also important to me that she has a good sense of humour and perspective.”

– Josine Opstelten, Cote d’Ivoire, Africa

“Kat has been a true gift in my life. In tough times and sadness Kat has been a great light to show me the way to wholeness and happiness. I love working with Kat as she truly empowers me to heal myself. She has imparted me with so much of her knowledge and tools so I am equipped to deal with situations and emotions as they arise on my own. She is truly a beautiful kind-hearted soul with a big heart filled with Compassion. Wanting to help people live better, healthier, happier lives. She has amazing intuition that is always so spot on in what she sees and does. I love that Kat can work remotely as well and has been a great help in times of travelling and being with sick loved ones. If you want to transform your life, I couldn’t recommend enough that you work with Kat.”

– Jo McKinnes, Maleny, QLD, Australia

“During very crucial periods in my life I visited Katelijn regularly. I suffered from anxiety attacks and was afraid that during my frequent stays abroad these attacks would come up. I did great visualization-meditation techniques, readings and NEI-therapy (Neuro Emotional Integration kinesiology) with her, of which I gained beautiful inspirational knowledge, inner-calmness and emotional balance. I did not only overcome my anxiety attacks because of these sessions but I also became stronger and more focused on the essential things in life. It really opened new doors for me and travelling that used to feel like a burden, became my nr 1 hobby! I felt blessed with these visits to Katelijn, she is a very wise, intelligent and professional woman and I can guarantee you that with her light full, relaxed and healing energy you will feel perfectly at ease the moment you step into her door.”

– Juliette Stevens, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“My sessions with Kat started in a period of my life when I didn’t know what direction to go.  Energetically I had become stuck. First I needed to recover physically and second I needed to get closer to myself and find out how to use my energy in an easy way. In a way where it flows naturally without having to do effort. I have worked for 8 years with Kat now and she teaches me to live from my heart, my intuition, and my (gut) feelings. The tools she has given me, like visualization, meditation, inner journeys, readings and RTT sessions are incredibly useful. I love her combination of groundedness and spirituality and her sense of humor. Besides that, she is an incredibly kind and loving person and hugely talented in her profession.  In summary: Kat encourages me “to shine my light in all directions”!”

– Juliette Plantenga, The Netherlands

Kat, I came to you to look at my purpose in life, who am I (without my parents), how to live truly from my heart, I was longing for new friends/ soulmates with whom I could share my life with.  With your special energy but also with your strong voice, you have the talent to guide me to my heart, it connects me with my purpose. I feel supported, loved and that gives me a lot of confidence in continuing my path. You are truly involved. Your methods are amazing in combination with your voice. (I am very sensitive for a good voice, yours is really powerful) The readings are really helpful, but also the RTT hypnoses sessions were amazing.

– Marjolein Bosch, The Netherlands

Kat, what drew me to you was that you were the living the example of making choices after a period of sickness and healing yourself. In Aberkyn we call that “Living the Work”. It creates trust and credibility for me. What kept me with you, is your constant self renewal. By this you allow me to renew myself and unpeel new layers every time we meet. I often tell people that after I had a session with you, I feel like “I have had an internal shift”; like something “unlocked” or “clicked” within me so now things can flow again. You help people with new perspectives on stuff that is stuck within them, or going around in circles. Especially with RTT, you hold the space for others to make a shift in deeply rooted patterns. The impossible becomes possible, my brain feels rewired after a session. You share what you feel, see and hear. You know what’s going on before I realise it – as if you have access to my unconscious and bring it to the here and now. What’s different from regular coaching or therapy, is that you bring in the information from above/your own inner knowing. Compared to other “spiritual coaches”, you make the link to the practical, the here and now. Your work is accessible for everyone: from the deeply spiritual soul to the left brained CEO. Your style is never teaching or preaching, as I experience it, but with deep love for my highest potential. With gratitude.”

Claartje Onderwaater, The Netherlands

Along my incredible spiritual journey toward myself, Kat crossed my path. I’m fairly sure if you are reading this, then Kat has already crossed your path too – don’t ignore it, it is likely you are aligned to her work, and THIS is your time. The opportunity to work with Kat is a game changer. For me, Kat came at a time that I was particularly jaded by the pseudo spiritual world and had completely jumped off the locomotion of self discovery. I was contemplating how far I had come, with the resources I had. Through the jaws of my own human experiences and out the other side. Kat has become a profound mentor to me, seamlessly touching upon and guiding me toward my truths (through RTT sessions) – both in this lifetime and many many others. I reclaimed and connected to the very source of what spiritual and human existence means to me. I have journeyed far with Kat, and in the safety of her incredible guidance I have truly deepened and expanded. I recommend every moment with Kat, her guidance is coming from a very special space. Thanks.”

– Sally Bell-Cross, Zambia, Africa

“Last December I started a coaching trajectory with Katelijn. The trajectory went for almost a year. I wanted to work with her on the restless feeling I had in several areas of my life. That our coaching trajectory would go so deep I had never foreseen when we started. After a few sessions, a wave of suppressed tension surfaced, and it was unstoppable. Everything came out. It was intense and intensive, but also so needed, I realise now. Kat has helped me, supported me, guided me through this time. My view, clarity and connection within myself has never been as sharp as in this year. Kat works in such a loving, warm way, that you don’t notice there are thousands of km’s between us. My trajectory has finished, for now. But is I ever get bogged down again, then I know where to go (and that in itself feels very comforting), because I know that Katelijn knows how to go in and help me find my own answers. Much love and 1000 x thanks!”

– Eva Knoups, the Netherlands

“In my Coaching trajectory, I asked Kat to help me trust my intuition more. In a safe and pleasant way she brought me back to logical (understandable), but for me still unknown negative beliefs. Through her broad level of knowledge and experience she beautifully responded to the needs I had to develop a life for myself living more from my heart and my intuition. The tools she gave me helped me hugely and they still do. I experience the joy, the trust and the relaxation more and more in myself every day. RTT with Kat is a real gift to yourself and I highly recommend this to everyone!”

– Egon Compter, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Meeting Kat was a turning point in my life.  She allowed me to see that I could make the changes in my life so that I needed so that I could find my true path. I am very grateful to have met you!”

– Lisa H, Perth, Australia

Rapid Transformational Therapy Sessions

“Kat, thank you so much for the RTT hypnosis session yesterday !!! It was incredible !!!!!!! Absolutely mind blowing !!!! It was an extremely profound experience for me and I mean every single word!!!!!!! I have always been fascinated by how our beliefs shape our reality but have not given a lot of thought as to where these beliefs come from. The session with you was emotional, personal and to me it feels like an awakening. The most profound component for me was understanding that I can reshape my beliefs as it was me who created them initially. You were the most perfect guide through this experience. You were comforting, gently confronting and encouraging. The experience has absolutely changed how I view every day. It has released me. I have no idea how I ended up there, but those beliefs had definitely passed their expiration date. Thank you so sincerely.”

– Babs Davies, Broome WA

“Kat is a very warm and caring person who makes you feel at ease straight away. It feels like chatting with a good friend! It is so great and comforting that she finds the exact core of your issue and then helps you solve it. I have done a few RTT sessions and a few readings. After a RTT session, the issue I came for just seems to be dissolved. As if that drama part of your brain/ mind has gone for good! No more drama. Such a great feeling! And you can use RTT on any issue. You have to persist and listen to your recording every day for 21 to 28 days, but that is nothing if your problem has been solved after that. Really. I am a fan!”

– Nicole Dohmen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“When you are ready for major change in your beliefs and indeed your life situation, Kat’s facilitation of RTT is easily one of the quickest methods – and it is affordable, painless, and in my experience, an amazing and joyful trip! I felt and knew I was immediately, quite radically changed and greatly relieved after just one session. The relationship with the person with whom I had been struggling had transformed to one of much greater ease for me, and profoundly less irritation. This person also commented when seeing me only days later that I had undergone a “tectonic shift”. To really consolidate the changes, listening for at least a few weeks morning and night to the “session summary” put together by Kat is necessary, but it has been a nurturing, deeply peaceful practice, because of the inspirational messages spoken with Kat’s warmth and encouragement. Thank you again, Kat – I’ll be booking another session should anything of this magnitude come up again.”

Chris Price, Moura, Queensland.

“I have had the opportunity to have several RTT sessions with Kat in the last year. It was a very special and impactful process where Katelijn guided me down the “stairs of a deeper awareness” in myself in a very safe and warm way. We would find the deeper cause and core of patterns and beliefs that were no longer working for me and I could let them go in an easy, profound way with gratitude. Katelijn is capable to move through these deep personal transformations using this technique in her very own amazing and gifted way. Beautiful, safe, impactful and with love, she holds the space in which I could make significant steps in my life.”

Hidde vd Pol, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“In my process of self-development over the last years (about 20 years), with help of intensive schooling in psychotherapy, meditation and insights within myself and from others I have gotten to know myself much better. Regardless of all these insights and the deepening processes within, there was always a part of me that I wasn’t able to access and understand and I kept looking for that part. It made me feel insecure and it made me keep looking for myself. Being in a phase of my life where I felt I wasn’t flowing, I asked Katelijn for help and she recommended a RTT session. I sincerely think this was one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. I am not exaggerating. Even though the issue I came for hasn’t fully been resolved yet, I found something in RTT, not knowing it could be found. I have felt who I am in my core. That feeling and connection with myself is something I have been looking for my whole life. It changes my whole way of perceiving life; it changes the choices I make, the people I attract and how I fill my days. I can synchronize the things I do with the way I am now, without wondering whether I make the right decision. I know that now. I am also better in defining my boundaries. I tell people instantly when my boundary has been crossed, without being unkind to the person involved. This is something that was hard for me before the session. Katelijn knows what she does and is very skilled in RTT. You are in very good hands with Kat; you can let yourself go; you are safe. I would highly recommend a session with her; you deserve it.”

– Ellen Rooda, the Netherlands

“I am immensely grateful that Kat helped me with RTT. I have never felt this good in my life! I feel happy, healthy, energetic, confident and most of all FREE!  Every day. Before I saw Kat I was extremely tired, had many physical symptoms and felt there was something deep down in my subconscious that stopped me to be able to live fully and step into life. I have done a few RTT sessions with Kat in which we looked at what was still holding me back in fully stepping into to my life and we did find the core and reason and were able to transform it. It has been only 2 months since the first session and I have never felt so good! My subconscious had the answers and Kat did an amazing job transforming my limiting beliefs. The sessions were deep and intense, but I felt really safe with Kat. I have finally been able to express what I never was allowed to verbalise when I was a little girl. I found my voice back. Through RTT with Kat I have found myself, my energy, my health and my life! If you feel restricted in your life by emotional or physical pain, I strongly advise to not wait any longer and let Kat help you claim your freedom back! She is an amazing person!”

– A. Meijers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“I have known Katelijn for more than 20 years. I have gotten to know her as a very authentic spiritual teacher. She has been developing throughout the last decades. She keeps learning, studying and regularly adds new methods and ways of working to her spiritual practice. Besides this, what makes her one of a kind is that to me her energy is balanced. That means while working with her, I always feel both yin and yang, female and male, soft and tough when needed, spiritual but with both feet on the ground and last but not least, the ability of letting go but being concrete. I simply love this spirit of hers and while having worked with many coaches and teachers, I do realize this makes Katelijn unique to me. In RTT sessions this was exactly what I needed as well. I needed someone where I felt completely safe and at ease with, who did let me discover everything myself. But someone who also has the guts to guide me through this deep and intense personal process and to take the full responsibility to do this, and to do a proper follow up which helped me tremendously. I felt supported at each step of the way. The outcomes of the RTT sessions still are like miracles to me. The impact is huge. I have never experienced this ever before in my life. I felt and feel like a different person every time. As a new person, with new energy and new believes. Like a new beginning. I am very grateful for this and will definitely work with Katelijn again!”

– J. Blok, Netherlands

“I cannot express my heartfelt gratitude enough to Kat for the amazing RTT sessions I’ve had recently. It’s like the final layer of stress and overwhelm has completely left me and I’m now sitting in a space of tranquility, peace and calm. I have fully surrendered to the process of life and the beauty and wonderment of this reality.  And I feel at peace with myself and the flow from which I can now easily be. I’ve fully surrendered. And it is total freedom. No more trying so hard or pushing, or wishing. I’m just ME.  And it’s beautiful and rewarding and liberating and freeing. Kat is SO amazing at what she does and she’s SO compassionate and loving and kind, that to trust in the process she takes you through and to let go and trust the power of your soul, is to allow yourself to fall into full acceptance and understanding of who you truly are. I feel so blessed! And hugely grateful! Each time I’ve had a session with Kat, amazingly good things have happened directly afterwards and I see things popping up before my very eyes! I make sure I keep up listening to the recordings 4, 5 or 6 times a day and fall asleep to them, to keep reiterating the powerful messages and to strongly secure my new belief system in place.  Now I know who I am.  Now I am totally happy with the past and not reliant on the future. Now I can just be Me and be here and be truly present and that is such a good feeling! Thanks a million Kat!!! You’re amazing!!”

– Pip Easton, Sunshine Coast, QLD

“I was very happy to do the RTT with Katelijn, as she really brought me to the core issues that were blocking me. She made me understand amongst others that I don’t need my negative beliefs anymore. Since the RTT session I feel more secure, I have lots more energy and I experience more happiness. RTT is such a simple way and such a great impact. I can highly recommend it to anyone!”

– Victorien Voskamp, Portugal

“I came to work with Kat on my fear of moving forward. I felt like I was spinning my wheels and resisting opportunities out of fear, but couldn’t understand why. The things that came up in my session were completely unknown to me consciously, and very left field. Kat handled what came up confidently and with incredible skill. Her intuitive nature was vital in helping me to unravel the complexity of my subconscious. I felt safe and powerfully held which enabled me to make sense of myself. The audio was a great addition to what was a life changing experience. Thank you, Kat, I will be forever grateful.”

– Tracey Andrews, Canberra, Australia

“It’s funny how when I sit back and reflect back on how I was before RTT and how I feel now, the effects although subtle, are bloody huge!!! There is definitely more of a sense of calm around me (most of the time). I am feeling more organised and not as overwhelmed. I think it is still working its magic!”

– Julie Perembidja

“Hi Kat, I just wanted to let you know that after our last RTT session on me, a beautiful love relationship has been developing over the last month. I have never experienced such a deep connection before. I wanted to share this with you as you already told me that a Soul connection is most important for me and I have been missing it so much in my last relationships. I really can’t believe it. As a result of all the work we have done and your guidance, I now experience so strongly how to live from my heart, from this deeper inner knowing and from a positive intention. I can’t wait to see what will come next. THANK YOU!”

– C. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Truly life changing modality for those ready for this work I highly recommend!”

– Ari

“I am really truly so grateful to you for the RTT session. Two weeks in and feeling like I’ve remembered who I am!”

– Mary

“Working with Kat and the RTT was life changing and I am eternally grateful for that!  I was stuck inside myself for many years and needed to understand what I was made off, where this came from and why I couldn’t get further in my personal- and love life.  Kat and her therapy have the ability to really understand who you are and what can help you. And so, she did. I felt safe and secure the whole time and it was like she caresses my inside. She gave me the very interesting insights (also of my past) and the tools to help myself. I felt more whole and more secure about myself. I had a big fear of commitment and through the RTT I understood where this came from and Kat helped me work through this. I have the feeling I don’t have the fear of commitment anymore and I am currently dating a very nice girl! On the one hand I wished I did this RTT with Kat earlier in life, on the other hand I think I needed to experience everything to get to this point and I am very grateful that I worked through this. I am a happier, more complete person now and I have Kat and her RTT to thank for that. If you are stuck in life, I will always recommend to contact Kat, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you, Kat!”

– T.V. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“My sessions with Kat have been life changing! Over the years, I have tried many different methods for anxiety, but after just one RTT session with Kat, I was able to shift some major negative thoughts that I hadn’t been able to do with any other method previously and now I am much more at peace. I have also been working with her on weight and food issues recently and have changed some fundamental eating and exercise habits and are down 6kg! I have just finished a reading with Kat also and it was so accurate and informative and I just loved it. Kat is very knowledgeable, warm, caring, kind, thorough and professional. There is never any judgment, only support and love to get you to where you want/need to go. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.”

– Elizabeth QLD


“Katelijn is simply amazing. Without me saying a word, she always knows exactly what’s going on. And that feels like a relief because I don’t have to explain anything. I guess the word I say most during a session is ‘Exactly!”.  Even better, she is extremely solution oriented and together we frame ways forward. She also teaches me how to get to these solutions myself. And not to forget: she has a great sense of humour and is very down-to-earth. Something lacking often is this field. Katelijn has helped me both on personal and professional level. For example with letting go of old patterns like attracting the wrong people in my life, letting go of ex-girlfriends and helping with choices in professional life. I’ve been working with Katelijn for nearly 10 years and I keep coming back. I highly recommend her to everyone.”

– Lourens Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“The first time I did a reading with Kat, her reading was so accurate, it almost felt like a joke; I couldn’t believe my ears. I thought it was incredible as I had never met a person before that seemed to know me better than my friends and family. It was impressive to have my live reflected to me in such a clear way. She has 2 feet on the ground. Objective, relaxed and positive. She gives amazingly practical and simple tools to develop your own power and balance. When I revisit the recordings of our sessions, I keep hearing new wisdom.”

– Emma Landstra, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


“I did a reading with Katelijn a couple of months ago when I had some questions about the direction I was considering taking in my life. In the session my wife joined me and in all honesty, I expected a question-and answers-discussion about our lives and my issues in particular. To my surprise Katelijn immediately started with doing some numerology based on my birthday. Without any input from my side, she did a rough sketch of my character and background. Not only was she very particular, but she also made a firm base for the main question I had. Mind you, I hadn’t spoken one word. Consequently, she did a card reading based on my question and managed to decipher the whole matter rather meticulously. Not only did I get clarity, I really enjoyed the way she approached this. I have confidence in her capabilities.”

– Docters van Leeuwen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“I recommend Katelijn for 100% when you need to know more then you see or you need to know more” behind the scene”.  Katelijn offers much more and so when my steps went further on the path with her she guided me as a mentor on my way with one on one meditations/ inner journeys and by connecting myself on a deeper level with the spiritual world. She gives me instead of answers to the questions, the space to find with her guidance the answers in myself and it is profound. I recommend Katelijn also in this work for 100% when you are on your path and you would love to hear answers within yourself and would need guidance. I would not want to miss my sessions with her. I strongly feel the difference before and after our sessions. She is a woman with both feet on the ground, competent, intuitive and I can say when you need someone trustworthy, call Katelijn or book reading with her. Thank you Katelijn! I look forward to continue my steps with your guidance!”

– Christina Burki, Perth, Australia

“I cannot recommend Kat more if you have life questions or if you want some more insight. Kat does her readings over Skype in English, as well as in Dutch. Don’t hesitate where ever you are in the world : ) I have personally used her many times and if you know me I’m not an “away with the fairies” (might have to try that though) kind of girl. All I can say is: you won’t be disappointed!”

– Gabrielle Morris, Perth, Australia

Inner Power Activator  Program

This program truly honours it’s name, inner power activator.  These last 6 weeks with Kat and the online group has been amazing and mind blowing. I chose the course initially to work on my self esteem and energy management. It ended up to be so much more; self love, relationship therapy, family lines, childhood pain release, sisterhood (online), soul calling.  Kat is extremely talented in what she does and her voice lights up the room. She went out of her way to guide me through some deep issues.  I felt being held and loved and found comfort in her words. The practical tools we received throughout the course are my anchors to go forward and stay true to my self. I still do not understand how so much transformation happens in 6 weeks.  I am still processing it all…. so thankful and a true gift for my self.

– Sophie Eenhoorn, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Over the years I have done a lot of workshops, however some pieces of the puzzle were still missing. Katelijn succeeded to fill in this last piece. Through the Inner Power Activator, I have laid the foundation in breaking with the patterns in my life. I have more awareness, more direction and developed my spiritual side. I have been learning how to relax and let go of my worries and I have gained a deeper awareness and spiritual connection on a soul level. Kat taught me how to put myself more and more on number one, before taking care of everyone else, not taking over responsibility from others. Katelijn is down to earth, very committed and a loving and a kind and warm person. She knows how to create a safe setting in her program. I have experienced a feeling of coming home in myself.

– Annemarie Montgomery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I am truly grateful to Katelijn and all the wisdom and ‘energy techniques’ she shared with us during the 6 weeks of the Inner Power Activator. I found Kat to be Empowering and Inspiring because she is very authentic and sincere. She shares her knowledge in a positive and light way. She has a beautiful voice that really resonates. Kat helped me to reconnect to my Self and to my family (lineage). She guided me so well to be grounded, to heal old pain, and to see perspective and open up possibilities. When I need some extra support I still listen to her recording, which immediately helps me to feel centered.  All in all I felt (and feel!) nurtured and inspired by a caring, cheerful, happy, loving and wise woman!

– Agnes Vogt

Although I already put a great effort in working on my personal awareness and development Kat helped me to get in contact and interact with a new part of me. The tools that she provides in her program are practical and super powerful. They gave me a new perspective on topics that I knew but now deal with in a different way. All the knowledge and experience that Kat gathered over the years is shared from the heart. It made me feel save and seen. The result is a new shift in awareness and a plan that makes my heart smile every time I think about it. I look forward to keep working on it with confidence and to learn from every next step that is ahead of me.

– Janneke Brouwers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The IPA was an experience of becoming aware of a profound inner power within a beautiful, encouraging, safe sisterhood.  The program provides a rich toolbox with beautiful exercises, insights and wisdom to activate your inner power, which is accessible after the course to keep practising. Katelijn created a safe space to practice, share and grow. With her warm, loving, stimulating and uplifting energy she guided us into healing old wounds and feeling more empowered. Everything Katelijn shares in this course comes straight from her own embodied experience, which makes it extra powerful. I can recommend this course to everyone who feels the calling to turn inwards and activate their inner powers in these current times!

– Evelien Deiters

I signed up for the IPA course because I felt something inside me was stopping me from moving on in life. I felt I was holding myself back and not allowing myself to feel happy, strong and content. I thoroughly enjoyed this programme, and I would highly recommend it. It helped me to change my mindset and celebrate myself, body & life. It allowed me to see things from a different perspective. I considered doing this programme on a 1:1 basis, but I am happy I did the group course instead. I connected with a wonderful group of ladies, and I felt very much supported by everyone!

– Tanja, UK

Living in the same town as Kat, I’ve often witnessed her calm, loving nature, how she is fully present in the moment – and I’ve wondered what her secret was. After many years of being insanely busy and giving to the point of breaking, I finally found the courage to ask for support and Kat mentioned her 6 week Inner Power Activator course. I have always been skeptical of inner-work and group work… but I couldn’t have been more wrong!  Over the last few months Kat has taken me on a journey of transformational change. At first I didn’t know what I needed, just some time to breathe and find myself after many years feeling quite lost, exhausted and resentful. My initial intention was to center my energy, to feel calm and grounded, to stop worrying so much. Kat gave me so much more.  Her exercises are so simple to do, but their impact is so deeply empowering. I catch myself checking my energy and calmly using my voice, speaking my truth from a place of love. No more making myself sick with worry or frustration. I feel a calm sense of purpose, I have remembered who I was, who I am and who I want to be.  I can’t even begin to thank Kat enough for gently taking me in and reminding me that I had a voice, that I was worth it. I am so grateful to have shared this process with a group of strong, brave women just like me and I can’t wait to hear their stories and celebrate their achievements.  Thank you from the depths of my heart Kat!

– Row, Queensland, Australia

This program was amazing and so powerful!  After doing quite a bit of self-love, healing work over the years, I did not know what to expect out of the program for myself, however, I made the intention at the start to connect deeper with the highest expression of my heart and soul (and that is exactly what I received).  Kat has a beautiful way of holding you in unconditional love but also empowering you to discover your own truth and inner strength.  The energy alignment practices have literally changed my life and they are part of my everyday now to stay aligned, strong and connected to the earth.  During the program I was faced with some personal situations where normally I would not speak my truth however my INNER POWER was truly activated and I felt empowered to speak up, stay in my heart and feel grounded in my decisions and most of all not feel guilty!  I would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to feel empowered, strong and ready to know their own Inner Power. 

– Melina Demertzis, Sunshine Coast, Australia

I have worked with Kat both one-on-one and now with a wonderful group of women in the Inner Power Activator Course.  Something I have noticed with other practitioners in the past is that while I had some amazing insights and healing on my journey, I never truly felt self-sufficient or even confident that I could really understand and look after my own energy.  Kat is so genuine in her sharing of her time, knowledge, loving energy and amazing, practical tools.  She wants to give us the gift of courage, confidence and independence- and the Inner Power Activator course is exactly that.  Kat has led me through some very deep one-on-one healing,  and now completing the Inner Power Activator course I not only have a deeper sense of independence and confidence in myself, but also a valuable set of REAL tools to love and care for myself.  I am so grateful Kat!

– Kara, Brisbane, Australia

I felt stuck in my work/ my business. I really wanted to take the next step, but something kept holding me back. Each time I tried new courses or training modalities to get rid of this frustrating feeling of “feeling stuck”. It didn’t solve anything, I still couldn’t move forward. In the Inner Power Activator program I have experienced and have been given the insight of the core of my resistance and especially how to deal with it and shift it. I have learned so much in these 6 weeks! With very practical and easy tools, I have learned how I can have a huge impact on my own energy and feelings (on how I really feel). The result of these insights and using these exercises in daily life, is that I feel so powerful within and that I am joyfully creating and planning on how to change my business. I have become a magnet, clients are flowing in, it almost feels like Magic 🙂  Initially I was a bit hesitant in working with a group, but it was amazing to experience how quickly I felt safe in this setting. (Kat created a space where everybody felt seen and heard). Katelijn I am incredibly grateful that you came my way. You have changed my life!

– Carolijn Vet, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Working with Kat is like an amazing, positive journey. If somebody would have told me before what I was going to feel and experience, I wouldn’t believe it. But every session with Kat felt like an eyeopener. On many levels; family, work, youth, future, personal development… it helps me to ground, to feel aligned with myself and to believe in myself. And it helps that all the sessions are recorded, so in my own time I can listen to it over and over again to really keep on experiencing the changes I go through. And one thing I also love about working with Kat; it is light, fun and positive. Thanks so much Kat, for this new and powerful journey I am in.

– Claartje Bakker

The inner power activator program has changed my life. I became a happier and more balanced person, being able to better manage my energy and to be more in control of my mind.  The program also enabled me to become more confident about myself and manage my fear of failure. I would recommend this program to any person who would benefit from more self-love, wishes to live a more balanced life, or who is struggling in any situation in life.

– Stephanie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I was feeling a bit stuck in my thoughts, like something in my head was holding me back from moving forward. When I heard from Kat about the Inner Power Activator Course it was the perfect timing for me to work on living more from the heart. The Course gave me easy-to-use tools to step into my own energy and feel what’s in my heart. I can always go back to the exercises if I feel like I need it. It not only gave me insights in old patterns, but also helped me to let go of them in a very supportive, loving way. It suprised me how helpful the group setting was. Hearing each others stories and progress was very inspiring, but also helpful because the situations were often recognisable. After this course I feel more calm and positive. I recognise when my mind is trying to take to protect me, though this is not necessary anymore. I feel like something new is coming my way and now I’m ready and excited for whatever that is! Thank you Kat for your loving and professional guidance!

– Kathelijn Noordzij

Working with Katelijn, my mother and, the other ladies in the program has been a joy! I felt excited, safe and, eager to learn more about Katelijn’s “thing”. Each session was carefully planned out, it was all very organized. I highly recommend doing this program, it helped me transform my job situation and create more balance in my life. Katelijn really has a unique ability to turn yourself into your own healer and best friend. I also want to highly recommend taking the program with a family member. My mom has helped me all those years ago with finding Katelijn and now 14 years later she got to experience what I have been learning, receiving from Katelijn. It has made our mother/daughter bond even stronger and I am forever grateful.

– Eveline de Herder (Pien)

It recently hit me when faced with a life changing crisis I am working through, the real impact of the work that Kat and I did through her program. I received news of a change that requires that I shift my entire life around.  Instead of going to the places the younger frightened me always used to run to, I found myself reaching out to the people around me who I knew loved me and had my back. The fears from my past of being alone and not having the help I needed when I needed it to reap the benefits of relationships around me feels like a thing of the past. With the sort of workshop Kat offers, there was always the question in my head, “But isn’t this just selling people hope with the affirming meditations and practises? But no, it isn’t just selling hope at all. It works if you work it.  Now we have a somewhat running pun between my sister and I that even strong people need a Kat in their lives! I know I certainly did, and still do. I face the battle before me with Kat’s tools, connecting me to an unlimited source of power and strength. The limiting beliefs I used to hold no longer hold much sway on me. Do I still have them try to pop up every now and then, yes. Do they however still dictate the way I live and hence the choices I make anymore, no. Because now my new more evolved truths are guiding me forward into the life that I know I deserve. I cannot thank you enough Kat for edifying my being and enlarging my toolkit to contend with life both a worthy and powerful warrior. I would recommend the Inner Power Activator program to people willing to do the work and make use of the tools this program offers, because from my place of truth, they truly have been working.

– Patience Saungweme, The Netherlands

The course started for me as a final activity after a few years with struggling around a divorce and a burnout at work. Via Eveline I came across this course and realized that this gave me the opportunity to really step into an essential huge change for mind and body. As mom of Eveline, also a participant, it felt a little awkward in the beginning, we have such intense bonds, but we managed quickly to each keep our own personal space. Big advantage we had was the full comprehension of what we were going through. We talked afterwards without holding back. We felt very connected despite our geographical distance, she is living in Vietnam! It felt so close and loving at the same time! Kat, with all your skills you lead this new group of Dutch ladies into a deep beautiful insight from childhood to maturity and how it made us react in difficult times. You offered us new tools, new insights, showed us how to create a new energy and to change our now no now useless beliefs. Self care, inner love, guidance and connection taught us new energy: it is available if you search and ask. I understand now how to create a balance between giving and receiving and feel so much more powerful and safe. I know I can choose, not must or have to and I will work with it every day from my heart. I know now how to take care of myself and to become and stay in the new Anke. I feel blessed, prepared and in balance and will never forget our special and joyful Sunday morning hours together in February, March and April of 2021! Lots of love.

– Ank

I started this 7 weeks course because I felt I needed some tools to be able to go deeper within myself. To be able to listen to what I really want regarding my business and to build a deeper trust in my own body and myself. It was such a delightful journey! My heart opened, I was able to feel more, to really listen to what my inner self had to tell me. And by gaining more insight I was also able to let go, let go of things that don’t help me and I carried for such a long time.  I renewed my Yes to Life. With more self confidence, softness, connection to my body and trust in myself: that I can create my most beautiful life. I really enjoyed the group setting with beautiful women, to see their process and to celebrate and support each other, it’s more fun doing it together. And all of this with the warm and loving support from Kat. You are a very special teacher, I love learning from you. You have a very gentle, clear energy and by holding space you deepen our learning experiences.

– Kim

I these 7 weeks I really had time and attention for myself, where I have received tools to listen to myself more, to become aware of how to manage & control my energy in a better way and also how to deal with all the thoughts. I really learned to stand in my own power and in difficult times, get back in that state!

– Nicoline Laman Trip