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Hi, I’m Kat

I am a Leading International Transformational Coach, Energy Mastery Mentor and Advanced RTT & Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I specialise in helping conscious, heartcentered, leading women to unlock their true selves, step into their power and rise into their personal success & happiness.

Say goodbye to self-doubt, sabotage and overwhelm. No more feelings of stuck and smallness. Embrace the empath you are and turn it into your power.

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a powerful, highly effective therapy that offers incredible transformative results by combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

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What people are saying

Pip Easton

“I cannot express my heartfelt gratitude enough to Kat for the amazing RTT sessions I’ve had recently. It’s like the final layer of stress and overwhelm has completely left me and I’m now sitting in a space of tranquility, peace and calm. I’ve fully surrendered. And it is total freedom. No more trying so hard or pushing, or wishing. Now I can just be Me and be here and be truly present and that is such a good feeling! Thanks a million Kat!!! You’re amazing!!”

– Pip Easton, Sunshine Coast
Lisa H

 “Meeting Kat was a turning point in my life.  She allowed me to see that I could make the changes in my life so that I needed so that I could find my true path. I am very grateful to have met you!”

– Lisa H, Perth, WA

“My sessions with Kat over the last 6 months have made a tremendous difference to my life. I am able to sleep deeply again after many years of stressful insomnia, I feel strong and clear in my energy and feel more and more powerful in my life. Abundance is finally really coming my way and my work has lifted to the next level! I am so looking forward to the changes I feel already coming and be even more successful in my work and purpose on earth. I am so deeply grateful to your work, Kat. Thank you.”

– Kirana Haag, Sydney

“Kat encourages me “to shine my light in all directions!”

– Juliette Plantenga, The Netherlands

“When you are ready for major change in your beliefs and indeed your life situation, Kat’s facilitation of RTT is easily one of the quickest methods – and it is affordable, painless, and in my experience, an amazing and joyful trip! I felt and knew I was immediately, quite radically changed and greatly relieved after just one session. The relationship with the person with whom I had been struggling commented when seeing me only days later that I had undergone a “tectonic shift”. To really consolidate the changes, listening to the recording, has been a nurturing, deeply peaceful practice, because of the inspirational messages spoken with Kat’s warmth and encouragement. Thank you again, Kat – I’ll be booking another session should anything of this magnitude come up again.”

– Chris Price, Moura, Queensland

“This program truly honours its name, inner power activator. These last 6 weeks with Kat and the online group has been amazing and mind blowing. I chose the course initially to work on my self esteem and energy management. It ended up to be so much more; self love, relationship therapy, family lines, childhood pain release, sisterhood (online), soul calling.  Kat is extremely talented in what she does and her voice lights up the room. She went out of her way to guide me through some deep issues.  I felt being held and loved and found comfort in her words. The practical tools we received throughout the course are my anchors to go forward and stay true to myself. I still do not understand how so much transformation happens in 6 weeks.  I am still processing it all…. so thankful and a true gift for myself.”

– Sophie Eenhoorn, Haarlem, The Netherlands

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