Masterclasses + Meditations

Inner Power Activator Audio Masterclass

It’s so important in this time to break free from anything holding your back. You are an amazing powerful being and it is time to step into that, own it and shine!

In this Audio Masterclass I share my 3 steps to activate your Inner Power and unlock your True Authentic Self.   I also do a powerful hypnosis session at the end of the Masterclass.

You will get a good idea of what the Inner Power Activator Program encompasses and how I work. I have added an extra week since then about “The Body” as I believe having tools to connect with & heal the body is crucial to step into your authentic self.

Align & Centre Meditation: 31 July 2021

It’s such an interesting time on the planet right now. There are so many different views on what is happening.

However listening to your heart and soul and staying true to yourself (and compassion for anyone around you) is so important.

We are incredible powerful creators, that is one of our mayor gifts and birthrights on this planet as a human being.

This meditation is wonderful to help assist with:

  • Giving you powerful tools to help you align and stay centered.
  • Reconnecting you with yourself and bring your frequency in a high, flowing & balanced place.
  • Releasing all your stress and tension from the body and mind
  • Balancing & Healing your mind & body.
  • Bundling our elevated frequencies to to give the planet a healing.
  • Envisioning and creating your very best possible outcome for this planet.

Embody & Align Meditation: 16.05.21

We are in a big shift on the planet where the frequency is rising and where we as humanity have an opportunity to grow, ascend, raise our consciousness and step into the Soul, the energy that you really are. It is important to stay true to yourself and to look for healing, connection and answers within.

When you start looking outside for healing or wisdom, or worry and stress about things beyond your control, you lose your energy. You cannot control what is happening in the world right now, but what you can control is how you feel within and what thoughts you are thinking.

Let’s get our energy within and heal & balance our body’s and draw on our inner wisdom.

In the meditation you will:

  • Embody and Align yourself
  • Connect with your Heart
  • Draw on your Inner Wisdom
  • Heal your Body
  • Consciously connect with the Earth
  • Raise your Frequency
  • And more..

Energy Alignment Session + Meditation

It is so important to stay centred, grounded and balanced within yourself especially in this time on the planet.

Let’s dive in and see where your body needs alignment and to energise and empower you from there.

In this session you will:

  • Get insight in Etheral Travel
  • Align, Center & Increase your Energy
  • Balance your Yin and Yang, Liver & Spleen
  • Become aware of which thoughts drain you
  • Manifest your Goals for the end of the year
  • And more..